Advanced Reports Extension

Advanced Reports Overview

The Advanced Reports extension provides options to create customizable reports. Users can find the reports section within the RegistrationMagic plugin menu. On the extension's landing page, you will discover selections like Form Submissions, Login Reports, Attachments, Payments, and Form Comparisons. With the exception of form comparison, each option permits time period selection, emailing specific records, and PDF downloads. Form comparison allows users to evaluate two selected forms side by side, comparing distinct performance metrics. Scheduled email reports allow to sending of reports in the form of an email to a specified user, and at a specified frequency.



  • Generate customizable and advanced reports containing essential information.
  • Reports on form submissions encompass field values and metadata for the chosen time period.
  • Compile comprehensive login records, including details from the RegistrationMagic login form. Both successful and failed attempts are available as filters.
  • A breakdown of received attachments is available, and files from a specific period can be downloaded as a single zip file.
  • The payment report compiles payment records for the selected form and time period. Additionally, payment status is optional as filters - Pending, Canceled, Completed, and Refunded.
  • Using the form comparison feature, compare two forms from distinct categories on specified parameters.
  • Easily download reports in PDF format.
  • Choose report type at ease in scheduled email reports.
  • Enables users to select the email sending frequency, starting from the chosen date.