Advanced Paid Registration Extension

Advanced Paid Registration Overview

The advanced paid registrations extension empowers users to incorporate selection boxes, dropdowns, and user-defined price options into their paid registrations. Prior to adding products to respective forms, users need to create products through the "Products" section. From there, they can generate a new product and tailor its attributes. Product pricing types can vary, including Fixed, Multi-select, Dropdown, and User-defined. Users can provide a name and price for their product. The "Display Price" feature allows the price to be shown on the form as users fill it out. Disabling it will take users directly to checkout. This extension also permits users to specify quantity. Once the product is set up, users can add fields in the form and select "Add Product." They can customize the product label and hover text, as well as adjust icon settings such as icon, icon color, container, opacity, and shape. Additionally, advanced options like CSS attributes, rules, and required fields are available.



  • Customize and add products to users’ forms.
  • Add Selection Boxes, Dropdowns, and User-defined price options to your paid registrations.
  • Create a new product, customize the name, price, product pricing type, display price, and specify a quantity.
  • Once the product is ready, users can easily add products to the form.
  • After adding the product, customize the settings - label, hover text, etc.
  • Further, the users can customize icon settings - label, color, container, opacity, and shape.
  • A few advanced settings like CSS attributes, rules, fields, etc. are also available.