Access Control Extension

Access Control Overview

The access control extension empowers users to manage access to their forms on the front end. Enable it through the form dashboard. When date-based form access control is enabled, users are prompted to enter a date before accessing the form. Customize the date input question as needed. Users can also establish limits based on age or absolute dates. Set upper and lower limits accordingly. Furthermore, users within specific age groups, possessing secret passphrases, and/or specific User Roles can access and complete forms. The domain-based control form exclusively permits users with email addresses from a particular domain to submit or register. Unauthorized users attempting to access the form will encounter an access denied notification.



  • Customized access controls are available for users to add.
  • For date-based access control, users must input a date before form access. Customizable options include limit type, lower limit, and upper limit.
  • Passphrase-based control mandates users to provide a passphrase/secret code for form entry.
  • Users with specified roles can access forms through user role-based control.
  • Domain-based control restricts form submissions to users with designated email domains.
  • Unauthorized users will encounter an access denied notification if they attempt to access the form.