2FA Extension

2FA Overview

The 2FA extension enhances security and significantly minimizes the risk of unauthorized access by implementing Two-Factor Authentication on your site. To activate the extension, navigate to the login form dashboard and enable 2FA in the two-factor authentication settings. Users can personalize OTP type, length, and expiry duration in minutes. They can choose to regenerate the OTP or restart the login process after expiry. Additionally, users have the option to customize the field label and message above the OTP field and assign OTPs for specific roles or disable OTPs for admins.



  • Ensure next-level security with the help of a 2FA extension.
  • Customize the OTP type, length, and lifetime of an OTP in minutes.
  • You can define what happens when the OTP entered has expired.
  • Personalize the OTP labels and custom messages.
  • Allow users to resend OTP in case they did not receive it the first time.