How to Upgrade your Website with Survey Form?

Learn how to add survey forms to your WordPress website!

Upgrade your WordPress website with survey forms and make your website ready for 2021!

Designed the website, created everything user-friendly, and added all the elements of surprise?

Even when you have done everything right, in a couple of years, every website requires revamping. In the digital world, this is actually a great move to guide more conversions and improve website impressions. However, when you are on this mission, it may not be wise to change, tweak, and modify the website structure as and when you see fit. Take feedback from your visitors and customers.

One of the best ways for that is a survey form. A survey form is a simple feedback questionnaire that can help you change your website according to your users.

Take a look at how you can create a survey form.


List of Questions For Your Survey Form

Focusing on the aspects causing problems in your website helps you revamp your website for better ROI and conversions. This is why we have come up with a few feedback form questions that you can add to your survey form.

Which Section of Our Website Do You Like Best?

As we already know, you can’t change or tweak sections of your website without knowing whether your visitors like it or not. So, the simplest way is to ask them that. Send an email or add a survey form on your website asking about what users like. Don’t leave return visitors confused with a completely new website.

Is Our Platform User-Friendly?

Add a scale with 10 bars and ask users to rate the user-friendliness of the website. It is similar to the happiness scale you receive on email when you make an online purchase. So, in your website contact form, add a bar. This will help you analyze how easy-to-traverse and simple your website is.

If you get bad scores, then you need to add follow up questions for major modifications to the website.

The reason why this question is extremely important is that you don’t want your users to struggle. If your visitors are not able to find data or services that they are looking for in a very few clicks, then your efforts are for nothing!

Would Like For Us to Change the Website’s Design?

A bit more straightforward question would be to ask users whether they would like to see a change or not. Don’t forget to add an idea box or suggestion box to this survey form. It will offer you unique things that you can add to the website.

Since these changes will be made from the user-perspective, you will get a chance to make a website your users want.

Why Did You Leave?

When a user is leaving or has just left your website, you want to know why. Isn’t it? Turn that curiosity into an online survey form. Ask your users why they are leaving when they press exit. This would help you understand the reason and make amends.

This particular question in your online survey form will end up revealing more information than expected. Hence, you absolutely need it.

Do You Think We Are Missing Something?

The last important question is what are you missing. A lot of times we visit a website and it is missing a necessary element. For instance, the absence of a contact form.

By taking suggestions from users, you can notice even the little things lacking in your website. Having this knowledge impacts your website revamping decision positively.

How to Create a Survey Form Online?

Survey Form

Try RegistrationMagic

RegistrationMagic is a powerful and feature-rich website contact form plugin. By just installing this website form plugin on your website, you can create multiple survey forms. You can actually create any type of survey with the help RegistrationMagic plugin.

  • RegistrationMagic WordPress form plugin allows designing of unlimited forms. Whether it is registration forms or survey forms, you can create and design things according to your style.
  • These survey forms can be analyzed through graphs, charts, and numbers to understand the level of interaction. You can check how many people submitted the survey.

Survey Form

  • It is completely interactive. Regardless of the device, you are working on, the survey form created with this website contact form plugin will work.
  • Create custom fields in your survey forms with this WordPress form plugin. Just add the field type, name, and few other details.
  • Send an email to multiple users. You can send email notifications when you receive submissions for a particular survey form.
  • Integrate with Aweber and MailChimp for extended functionalities.
  • Utilize MagicPopUp to create a quick go-to option. This will allow you to overview submissions easily.

Survey Form

Check the link to see how you can create a survey form using RegistrationMagic.

Summing Up

We are already aware that survey forms are an effective strategy to understand what your users think. When you are revamping your website, you can utilize online survey forms to understand what you need to change.

Simply install the RegistrationMagic plugin, create an online survey form, and take user feedback. You can even purchase the Metabundle, containing EventPrime, RegistrationMagic, and ProfileGrid plugins. Together it will give you the power to create and manage forms, organize events, and develop online communities and forums.

In case of any issue, comment below or reach us for a resolution.

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