5+ Ways To Save Time With WordPress Form Plugins!

Expert tips to save time and increase productivity with WordPress form plugins!

WordPress form plugins are your answer!

Need to manage WordPress forms and analyze its progress daily? Isn’t it hectic to bury yourself in minor WordPress form changes and monitor submissions manually?

Don’t you just want to automate a few things and be done with hours of hard work?

More than creating forms, registration, sign-up, WP contact form, and just any form on WordPress, its maintenance eats up your day. Whether you are analyzing the submissions on a form or writing the code to place access controls on these forms, you are spending multiple hours in a month on this activity.

However, did you know that you don’t need to do any of this? You can use WordPress form plugins!


What is the best form plugin for WordPress?

RegistrationMagic is a WordPress form plugin that you can utilize to create unlimited WordPress registration forms, submission forms, and other types of WP forms. Simply visit, install the WordPress plugin, and create forms on your Admin Panel. This is one of the best WordPress form plugins!

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6 Ways WordPress Form Plugins Save Your Time

RegistrationMagic plugin is truly a blessing in disguise for website owners. You can save time in editing, security management, and email notifications. Explore how that is possible:

Access Control On WP Form Fields

With the WordPress contact form plugin, you are able to control your registrations fully. This means that from deciding fields to hiding certain fields in user forms, you can do it all.

For example, you can use this WordPress form builder to add an option in your registration for the type of sign-up: basic, pro, and premium. Here, WP form fields for every type of user can be different. This type of access control helps you accept registrations in a personalized manner.

Manually or through coding, this task can eat up a lot of time; often days. With RegistrationMagic, you can achieve it in minutes.

Track User Data For Personalization

 WordPress Form Plugin

For every WPform that you create using RegistrationMagic, you get a series of analytics. These analytics include the following:

  • User’s geolocation
  • Submission time
  • Time spend on filing the form
  • Conversion percentage
  • Browser of users
  • Failure rate

These numbers can help you personalize your forms and tweak them for better conversions. For example, if the time spent on form filling is more and the failure rate is also high, then the possible issue can be that the form is time-consuming and complicated. You can audit your form based on these numbers, change it to make it simpler, and update your website quickly.

It is amazing, that you just have to visit your Admin Panel and change fields from the plugin panel.

In-Built Support for Security

 WordPress Form Plugin

RegistrationMagic WordPress registration plugin has built-in support for form security. You can automatically add Google re-captcha to your forms and set up a limit on submissions for a single device.

The Google re-captcha avoids spam submissions on your website in the simplest way. This helps you accurately analyze your submissions.

The limit of submissions also reduces spam on your websites. You can limit one device to submit only one registration to avoid the same person from spamming your registration process.

Share Email Notifications

 WordPress Form Plugin

Email notifications are extremely necessary, and this goes without saying. On every single website, we get email notifications as soon as we hit the submit button. It is almost instant. The moment you submit details, your email ID gets a welcome email with an orientation message.

Fortunately, with this user registration plugin, you can send notifications to users.

In fact, if you install the Email Verification Extension of RegistrationMagic, you can send confirmation emails to users. This means that your users may need to first submit the WordPress registration form and then confirm their emails from the registration link to access their accounts.

Visual Editor, Simpler Functioning

Another great benefit of using this WordPress form plugin is the ability to visually edit and create forms. Here are the features you can change through the visual form builder:

  • Change form border, its color, width, radius, background, etc.
  • Alter features, such as border and color of the input fields.
  • Modify features, such as radius and background of the submit button.

MagicPopUp for Quick Actions

 WordPress Form Plugins

MagicPopUp is a floating menu that opens from every page and helps users to access registration details with a click. This is a side-panel, where even admins can analyze the number of submissions quickly.

Install RegistrationMagic WordPress Form Plugin

Overall, the RegistrationMagic WordPress form plugin reduces the time you need to create, manage, modify, and analyze your website’s forms. To install this plugin and start using it, following this starter guide.

Over To You

On your WordPress website, you already have a lot of things to manage, and you don’t need to handle forms on your own. RegistrationMagic WordPress form plugin can simplify your task and help you execute everything seamlessly. All you need to do is visit our website, explore the features of this WordPress user registration plugin carefully, and install the plugin.

Metagauss also has a Metabundle, which is a mix of three plugins: ProfileGrid, RegistrationMagic, and EventPrime. This bundle has the best of our inventions. You can not only create forms but also communities, forums, and events with this bundle.

Just explore the features of our plugins and connect with us if you face issues in installing this bundle.

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