WordPress Event Registration Form Plugin

Are you aware that your user registration form can also be used as an event registration form?

No? Then you need to have a look at the advanced user registration forms of RegistrationMagic. This amazing plugin offers you all the tools you need to convert your user registration form into an event registration form. Let’s see how we can use RegistrationMagic to setup such a form.

But first, go ahead and install RegistrationMagic on your WordPress website if you haven’t done so already.

Create a Basic User Registration Form

To create a new form in RegistrationMagic, just click on the New Form link on the plugin’s All Forms screen.

All Forms Screen

Doing so will give you a popup to set the name of your form. For this example, we are going to give it a generic name – Event Registration Form.

New Event Popup

Additionally, make sure that you leave the option Turn off user registration for this form unchecked. This option removes the user registration process from the form. Which, in this case, we require as we need user registration to take place along with registration for the event.

Finally, click on the Save button after adding the name of your form in the text box.

Configuring Form Fields

Now that your form is created, it will appear on the All Forms screen. You can tell it is a newly created form as it will pop a little. As if it is asking for your attention to configure further. Which is exactly what we are going to do next.

Form Card

Moving forward, click on the Fields link that appears on the form card as you hover your pointer over it. Clicking on this will take you to the form’s Fields Manager section. From here, you can add, edit, or remove form fields.

Fields Manager

Now, we need to display a countdown on the form along with user registration fields. So, we are going to add a Submission Countdown widget to the form.

Click on the Add Field link from the Fields Manager screen. This will display a popup of multiple types of fields to choose from. Click on the Submission Countdown widget from the Display Fields section.


Now you are at the widget configuration screen. Set the label of the widget and date. The label can be anything you want. This label will not display on the form front-end. What will display is a countdown showing how many registrations, or days, are remaining till registrations expire for this form.

Submission Countdown Field

After saving the field settings, it will appear on the form’s Fields Manager screen.

In addition, I added a mobile field and a T&C field to the form. These fields will help ensure I have contact details for the registering user. And also make the user aware of terms and conditions related to event registration.

Setting Submission Limit on the Form

The Submission Countdown widget requires submission limits to be set on the form. So, that is what we are going to do next. We are going to set a submission limit on the form. That’ll make sure users cannot submit the form once the event date has lapsed, or when the limit of allowed attendees is reached.

Let us now set submission limit from the Form Dashboard. You can visit the Form Dashboard by clicking on the Dashboard link on the card once you hover pointer over it. Just like the Fields link. Or, you can access it from the form’s Field Manager screen as well. The link will be on the top right of the screen.

Once you are in the Form Dashboard, locate the Limits settings within the Configure section.

Form Dashboard Configure

Clicking on the Limits icon will take you to the form’s Limits configuration screen.

Form Submission Limit Settings

Now, enable Limit Submissions by checking the checkbox. This will reveal complete limit submission settings. Choose Set both (Whichever is earlier) for Set Limitations – By Number/ By Date to ensure limit is set for both date and number of attendees. Set Limit by Number setting to the maximum number of attendees you’d like to have. For Limit by Date, set the date to the last date till which registrations will remain active. With the Limit Action setting, you can either show a message or another form. In this example, we’ll just display a message.

Event Registration Form View

Widget is added; Limits are set. Now let’s check out how the form appears on the front-end to users who would like to register for our event. But first, to see the form on the front-end, we need to setup its shortcode on a page. Let’s move ahead and do that now.

Shortcode on Page

Great! Now we have the shortcode on a page and the form is live on the site.

Form Front-end

As you can see, the form asks for the username, password and email. But along with these fields, it also shows how many registrations and days are remaining till registrations expire. Since we created this form, and are the first to see it, it is displaying 0 OUT OF 100 FILLED. As users keep registering, this number will go up till it reaches the maximum allowed. At the same time, the days will keep decreasing, leading to closure of registrations once the time lapses.

Multifaceted User Registration Forms

User registration forms in RegistrationMagic have many faces. Sure, you can have the standard user registration forms in RegistrationMagic. However, its various fields and widgets can add whole new dimensions to your regular user registration forms. Just like the example we just saw today, on how you can turn your user registration form into an event registration form.

RegistrationMagic’s event registration form also integrates very well with our (recently launched) dedicated WordPress Event Plugin. Feel free to check out our event calendar management plugin on

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