How to Translate RegistrationMagic to your Language

Hello RegistrationMagic Users & WordPress Translators,

Today we are going to talk about how you can translate your favourite WordPress user registration plugin to the language of your choice. Yes, this is possible, and quite an easy process. All you need is the RegistrationMagic plugin, a PO file editor, and plenty of passion to help fellow users.

The RegistrationMagic Language Files

The RegistrationMagic plugin has a dedicated folder that hosts language files for local translations. This folder is, aptly, named ‘languages‘. The file that is of interest to you here is the ‘custom-registration-form-builder-with-submission-manager.pot‘ file. This is the template you can use to generate all your PO language files. Just open the existing POT file in your PO file editor and create a new PO file for the language of your preference.

We recommend using the ‘Poedit‘ application, thanks to its ease of use when creating or editing multiple language files. However, you can use any PO file editor that you are comfortable with.

To know more on how to actually add your translations in a PO file, do check out the official WordPress developer handbook on how to translate a plugin.

Contact us for Language Inclusion

Once you are done creating translations for your language, you can save your work in a PO file and send it over to us so we can include your work in our core plugin for other users.¬†As step 1, create a support ticket here. Our team will reply back promptly and start the process of including your PO file in the RegistrationMagic plugin. Our team will also generate its MO file. You only need to create a PO file from the POT file already there in the plugin. That’s it.

Get RegistrationMagic Premium for Free

Our team will analyze your PO file after you have shared it with us and include it in the plugin as required. If your PO translation file is included in the RegistrationMagic plugin, we will offer you the premium version of RegistrationMagic completely free. You can then translate the premium version to your language.

Not only is this a great opportunity to help localize the RegistrationMagic plugin in your language, it is also a great opportunity to earn a free version of RegistrationMagic Premium for yourself.

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