How to show total price in WordPress form, based on selected products

Display total price in WordPress form 

Price widgets displays sum of all the products selected by the user. These are somewhat similar to a cart total while you are visiting an eCommerce website. You can display total price in WordPress form live, while user is filling up the form.

Classification of widgets according to their functionalities

From your WordPress dashboard go to the “All Forms” section in RegistrationMagic. Hover across any of the forms. Click on the “Widgets” hyperlink, with level “Field Manager”.

total price in WordPress form

This will navigate you to a new page with numerous pre-created fields and widgets. Click on “Add Widget” just beside “Add Field” from the operations box.

You will be able to see a popup named Magic Widget with specialized widgets. Each widget has their own importance in the real world.

total price in WordPress form fields

Price widget features

Clicking on the “Price” widget will redirect you to a page with two options Label and CSS Class Attribute. Fill the mandatory fields and go ahead.

total price in WordPress form options

The label is mandatory. Fill label with the text “Price”. Assigning a label segregates each widgets at the back end of your form.

Below the “Label” you can see a field termed CSS Class attribute. CSS modifies the layout and appearance of a page. However, the class must be defined inside the coded file.

A situation might arise where you would want to change the background color of any widget or field. You will have to enter the name of the class and then associate the class with an HTML code.

Incorporating the total price in WordPress form

Navigate to RM “All forms” and copy the shortcode from form card. Go to the “All Pages” section. Paste the shortcode inside the required page. Click update.

Go back to your Price widget page, confirm and click on “Add to Form”. You will be able to see a link just above the section you pasted the shortcode in. Click on the link. This will add total price in WordPress form.

The Price will display as $0 since product are not configured yet. Once the product field is configured separately the price on your form will start to update.

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