Send Bulk Email to Registered Users of Specific WordPress Form

Send Bulk Email to Registered Users of Specific WordPress Form and their use

Bulk Emails are used to send emails to multiple registered users. It is tenacious to deal with every single user manually since there might be thousands of them. To automate this, bulk emails are used to deliver messages to multiple users. With bulk email, you can cut down the manual effort, and make your workflow easy and seamless. Let’s learn the easy way to send bulk email to registered users of any WordPress form.

Navigating to the Bulk Email page

Go to “Bulk Email” from your RegistrationMagic plugin on your WordPress dashboard.

Send Bulk Email to Registered Users form

From the “Bulk Email” page fill the subject and the content you will send to users. However, these must concern registered users of a specific WordPress form only. You can change toggle the form from the drop-down at the top-right corner of the page.

Only the users submitting the selected form are eligible to receive the bulk emails.

You can download registration forms from RegistrationMagic’s collection of templates.

In this case, the email is sent to 4 users who have filled the form. This is because only these 4 users meet the established conditions. On the other hand, you can send emails to as many users as possible with this integration.

Configuring and sending the Bulk Emails

Fill the Subject with an interesting phrase drawing the user’s attention. The subject must be a brief one-liner that directs to the content of the email.

Send Bulk Email to Registered Users configure email

Place your actual content in the Body section. Describe the message you want to deliver to the registered users. You can add images, video, and audio to the email body as well. From the drop-down, you can also “Add Fields” and mention some data from the form as well.

Send Bulk Email to Registered Users email options

However, these fields are exclusively the ones embedded in the form which you have selected. This helps you send a customized message with the specs you want to discuss. Also, this email body is supported by HTML and Mail-Merge.

Complete customizing your Email body and subject, click send. It immediately sends the email to the user account.

From the operations box, go to “Sent Emails” to check all the emails sent. It displays emails sent according to the date displaying the subject and content as well.

Send Bulk Email to Registered Users sent email

To summarize, this completes the tutorial on sending bulk email to registered users of specific WordPress form.

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