How to Make Your WordPress Coming Soon Page A Hit?

Learn How to Make Your WordPress Coming Soon Page A Hit

When you want to inform your visitors and users that your website is building new pages or under construction, you just need to add a WordPress coming soon page. However, this page is still an age-old representation of how everyone informs users.

So, what can you do differently?

We have found the best way: create a form in WordPress and tweak it to spike the interest of users. You just need a WordPress form plugin., and RegistrationMagic is right for this task. So, install RegistrationMagic, open your Admin panel, and start creating innovative forms for your WordPress coming soon page.

WordPress Coming Soon Page: RegistrationMagic

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Ideas to Make Your WordPress Coming Soon Page a Hit

There are a number of things you can do on your website with a WordPress coming soon page plugin. Let’s explore some of the options together.

Ask Users to Guess

One of the unique ways to improve users’ interest in your WordPress coming soon page is to play the guess-game. Use a WordPress form builder to create a form, which should ask the user for basic details. However, this should be achieved in a different way.

First, add a small form containing a question, “What do you think this WordPress coming soon page will contain?”

Then, give options, such as a contact us page, a new product, a new food menu, or a better-improved version of the previous service.

When your user clicks on one of these options, ask them for their email address and name. You can pair this form in WordPress with a discount coupon or a deal.

Be the First One to Know

The simplest way to improve user interaction on a WordPress coming soon page is to add ‘Be the first one to know.’

But, there are steps for this as well:

  • Create your content in a way that nobody will. For example, are you excited to see what will be launched through this page or are you thinking about what will be in this WordPress coming soon page?
  • Once you have created content, design a small form with the registration plugin or WordPress form plugin. This form should contain a maximum of two fields: Notify me and name.

Let’s Play a Game

What no one would expect on your WordPress coming soon page is a game. Create a small game for users and allow them to stay engaged even when your website is under maintenance.

At the end of this game, ask your users for their email IDs. You can even create a website form game, such as a quiz. After this quiz, you can offer some prizes to five winners.

Contact Form

WordPress Coming Soon Page: RegistrationMagic Contact Form


A well-known website form idea is to add a contact form. You can create a simple WordPress contact form with a maximum of 5 fields. Ideally, you should add only 3 fields, such as name, email ID, and additional comments. The more fields your website contact form has, the fewer entries you will get. Having fewer fields help your users to sign-up for your newsletter, contact you, and interact with your website.

Clear Your Doubts

The final idea that we have on the list for you is an inquiry form in WordPress. If you already have a user-base that connects with you on a regular basis, then they may have queries about your website. When you suddenly put the website under maintenance or add a WordPress coming soon page, these users may have queries.

You can add an inquiry website form to resolve these queries. This inquiry form will not only help you assist your users but also gather data. You can know a lot about your customers based on their questions and queries.

Why do You Need to Add a Form on Your Coming Soon Page?

WordPress form builder helps you add a form to your WordPress coming soon page in minutes. However, why do you really need it?

Through the tricks and techniques that we discussed above, you can achieve the following:

  • An early customer base; people start to know you even before your product is launched.
  • You can improve the website’s interaction.
  • You can avoid disappointing your users, which happens when they visit a WordPress coming soon page.
  • Receive data and information from users that you can utilize later. For example, email IDs can go into your email list.
  • Offer support to users even before they have a look at the service or product.

Summing Up

Every website owner understands that they need to add a WordPress coming soon page on their website when it is under maintenance. But, not everyone makes an effort to create an interesting WordPress coming soon page. Isn’t it?

With the best WordPress form builder, you can add a website form, make it interesting, and receive more benefits.

Install RegistrationMagic WordPress form plugin by Metagauss, explore its features, and reach us in case you face an issue.

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