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Submissions are important feature of RegistrationMagic. A submission is a record for complete details entered by the user. While working complimentary to email notification records, it allows you a quick overview and perform various registration related operations.

Submissions is accessed from left side RegistrationMagic menu or by clicking submission number on a form card.

Submissions List

The main Submission area is form specific and requires using Form Switcher for accessing submissions received through various forms. All submissions will be recorded inside a table with first 4 fields of the forms as columns, displaying their values in rows below. Each submission has a serial no. in the column “#”. A checkbox behind the serial no. allows multi-select to perform batch operations.

Click in “View” button will take you to the details on the submission.

General Operations

There’s a greyed out Delete button that activates to red color when a check box is selected. Form Switcher is in it’s usual place.

Search and Filter

There’s a funnel icon icon on top right which expands into a search and filter box on clicking. It includes:

Date Search – Fill From and To dates to filter submissions received between any two specific dates.

Field Search – Select a Field and input search term in “Match Value” text box to find submissions where the field value entered by the user is same as the search term. If you keep “All Fields” in Select a Field drop down, search operation will be performed on all fields to find matching values. Hit Enter on your keyboard or click “Search” button to perform the search.

If you do not provide any dates, the search will be performed over all submissions irrespective of receiving dates. Similarly if you do not provide a search term and only select dates, the results will simply display submissions received during that time interval.

To reset search parameters, click “Reset” Button
Collapse the search and filter area by clicking the red funnel icon again.

Individual Submission Page

This is the individual record page page for the submission you accessed by clicking “View” or Serial No. in Submissions Table.


There are 3 buttons on the operations bar.

Back – It takes you back to the Submissions page.
Delete – It deletes the submission record. Note – this cannot be undone.
Approve registration – Only appears if you have turned on manual registrations is Global Settings → User Accounts (This feature is exclusive to Silver Edition).

If you have turned on “Capture IP and Browser Info” in Global Settings → General, you will also see a lick to trace location of the user through geolocation tools (external site).

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