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Security Settings

Security Settings

Enable reCAPTCHA

Enabling reCAPTCHA will start showing Google reCAPTCHA under all your forms. It will appear just above the submit button and asks users to verify that they are humans before submitting. Turning it on will block spam bot submissions which automatically submit forms with bogus data.

reCAPTCHA Language

A simple drop down menu which allows you to choose language displayed when reCAPTCHA is turned on for your forms.

reCAPTCHA under User Login

This will add an extra layer of security to your login page, asking users to verify before logging in.

Site Key and Secret Key

reCAPTCHA is a Google service and will not work on your site unless you paste site specific keys in these two boxes. The good part is that it is relatively easy to obtain the keys. Head over to

register a new site and obtain keys.

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