Preliminaries - RegistrationMagic  



This is a walkthrough that will get you started with creating registration forms using RegistrationMagic on your WordPress website or blog. For demonstration purposes, we will be using a sample form for registering students for a summer camp. We shall name the form as Summer Camp 2016. The final form will look something like this, once complete:


Our goals for the form will be:

1. Ask students their first name, last name, email, guardian’s name, contact number, special requirements and T-Shirt Size.
2. Ask students the days on which the lunch is required and collect a fee of 5$ for each day.
3. Collect a fee of 120 USD for the camp
4. Camp will have limited capacity of 100 students. Therefore only first 100 registrations will be collected.
5. Send students a copy of the form through email after successful submission of the registration form.

We will start with a clean slate and brand new installation of RegistrationMagic. Our demo site will be using Twenty Fifteen theme.

Alrighty, then, Let’s start!

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