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Forms Manager

Forms Manager

This is the first page that you will reach after clicking “Registrations” on the left menu. This page will allow you to quickly access form related options, submissions and create, edit and delete forms. After a new install the area will be mostly empty and Add A Quick Form will be the only visible Card.

Operation Bar

It has 4 major Action items

ADD NEW – This take you to full fledged form creation page with all the Form Settings available on a single page.
DUPLICATE – Greyed out by default. Will turn red when you select check boxes of the Form Cards below. Clicking it will create a new blank form with same title as the selected form.
REMOVE – Greyed out by default. Will turn red when you select check boxes of the Form Cards below

Form Cards

Each form is displayed as a square card with important information on it. Form Manager will show a maximum of 10 forms cards at a time. After that a new card will appear that will take you to next page where subsequent Form Cards will appear. Form cards are arranged in descending order based on their creation date. Which means the form you created most recently will show first and so on.

Each form card has a:

Checkbox – to Multi Select forms for Delete and Duplicate batch operations
Form Title – Read Only
Shortcode – To quickly copy and paste inside a page, post or widget
Submission Counter – Displays total number of Submissions received for that particular form. Clicking it will take you to the detailed Submissions page.
Edit Button – To access Form Settings for this form
Fields Button – To access Custom Fields Manager for this form

Add A Quick Form Card

This was introduced in version 2.0. It allows Admins to create a new form but without going through the long list of options present in usual form creation page when accessed through “Add New” link in the top bar. The benefit being, admins can first create Custom Fields and then come back to Form Settings page through “Edit” button or by icon on the Custom Fields Manager. This workflow can be more productive when you want to configure form setting options dependent on custom fields or when you want to stick with default form settings.

When you click anywhere on this card, it will slide open a text box where you can enter Form Title. Enter the title and hit “Add” button and a new Form Card will be added on the immediate right.

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