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Adding Custom Fields to Registration Form

Adding Custom Fields to Registration Form

Head over to Custom Fields Manager by clicking “FIELDS” on the Summer Camp 2016 form card. Since it is our only form right now, it would be fairly easy find the tab. But even if you have multiple forms, you can always use Form Switcher to move between forms in the Custom Fields Manager itself.


Since we will also be registering the users in WordPress dashboard, it’s best to pick First Name and Last Name fields from “PROFILE FIELDS” tab in operations bar. This will make sure the first name and the last name is saved inside WordPress User manager.


Let’s click on “First Name” and check the dialoguebox. Define a Label for the this field. We will use Last Name as label. We’ll not bother with Advance Options for now. Hit Save and repeat the same step with “Last Name” field type.


For Guardian’s name, we will use “text” field in “COMMON FIELDS” tab and label it as Guardian’s name.


For Contact No. we will use “Number” field in “SPECIAL FIELDS” tab and label it as Contact No.


Since, we will allow user to freely describe his or her special needs, we will use a “Text Area” field type from “COMMON FIELDS”. This field type allows multiple lines of text.


T-Shirt Size allows students to chose from one of available 4 sizes, therefore a dropdown list will work best here. It is in COMMON FIELDS tab.


Now it’s time to add our pricing fields that we created a short while back. To do this, we’ll need to create “Pricing” field from SPECIAL FIELDS.


Label it as Lunch and select Price Field Lunch from the drop down list.


Hit Save. Now add another Pricing field but select Summer Camp Fee from the drop down label it as Summer Camp Fee.

Since the fee includes accommodations, we would like to clarify this to the students right below the pricing. We’ll use “Paragraph” field which allows adding read only text to your forms.


We’ll label this field as Note and add a bit of text.


We’re done with creating pricing fields now! Here’s how the Custom Fields Manager will look like after successfully completing all steps above. As you can see we did not created an email field since it will be automatically added by WordPress once we turn on the setting in Form Options.


Time to configure the form now.

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