7 Unique Ways to Register Users on WordPress [Breakthrough Ideas]

What’s the most common way to register users on WordPress website? A user registration form, of course. And why even worry creating a user registration form when WordPress provides you a default registration system of its own? Well, the truth is, almost everyone browsing the web knows by now how the default WordPress registration system works and can easily evade registration when interacting with your website. If you are still sticking to the default WordPress user registration system, it can cost you a lot of potential registration opportunities in the long run.

Today I am bringing to your attention 7 unique ways to register users on WordPress website. The key component that makes these 7 unique ways possible is the highly popular registration plugin: RegistrationMagic. Let us now look at each one of these unique ways in detail…


1. Contact Form

Contact forms are usually used to invite contact requests for various purposes. However, do you know that contact forms can also be used to register users on WordPress website? If not, let me tell you how RegistrationMagic can help you with that.

RegistrationMagic offers a very simple and elegant way to control whether you wish to register users from your form or not. This setting can be found at two places in the RegistrationMagic Dashboard.

It can be found in the Form’s General Settings

Register Users on WordPress

Or it can be found as a toggle setting in the Form Dashboard itself…

User Register Toggle Form Dashboard


2. Newsletter Sign-up

It is a very popular marketing method to keep your users updated on all latest offers through a newsletter. If you are using a newsletter service on your website, then you should also know that you can register users on WordPress with newsletter sign-up as well.

RegistrationMagic is compatible with all of the popular newsletter services. Whether you are using MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, MailPoet, or Newsletter, RegistrationMagic works magically with them all! To integrate your RegistrationMagic form with the newsletter service of your choice, just visit the Form Dashboard’s Integrate settings.

Form Dashboard Newsletter Integrate


3. Product Purchase Form

If your WordPress site uses WooCommerce to sell products, then RegistrationMagic will allow you to create your very own customer registration form. This form will replace the default one that WooCommerce offers and you can edit the form in whatever way you like.

You can do this by setting the Default Registration Form in WooCommerce Integration settings (In Global Settings) to the RegistrationMagic form of your choice.

User Register WooCommerce Integrate


4. Exclusive Content Access

Sometimes it becomes necessary to keep certain content on your WordPress website hidden from public view. This content could be any sensitive information that should be accessed only by authorized users. Or it could be some copyright content for which people need to pay to access. Either way, you can make good use of this opportunity to register users on WordPress website.

You can create a membership plan with RegistrationMagic to register users on WordPress. And then allow only the registered users to access the restricted content.

Please visit our Payments Guide for more information on how to setup payments with RegistrationMagic forms.


5. External Social Profile Registration

It is not necessary that users always have to provide their details on the registration form right away. If a user already has all the required information on one of his/her social profile, then RegistrationMagic can accept that registration just as well.

RegistrationMagic allows registration compatibility with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Microsoft Live, Instagram and many more.

User Register Social Integrate


6. Event Booking

If you are planning an event, such as a summer camp, and accepting registrations from your website, then this can be a great opportunity to register users on WordPress site as well. To create an event registration form on your website, that also creates user accounts, all you need to do is set a registration limit on your RegistrationMagic form.

Form registration limit can be set either by date, or by number of registrations, or it can be both.

User Register Form Limit


7. Site Launch

Are you aware of the fact that you can register users on WordPress website even before it goes live? Many site owners create a buzz around their website brand before the site is even launched to the public. They do this by setting up a message and a form on their site domain URL to request more information.

If you are in the process of launching a new WordPress website, you can use RegistrationMagic for this purpose by publishing your registration form on a page…

User Register Launch Page Edit

And then making it your site’s home page from WordPress Settings -> Reading.

User Register Homepage Setting

While doing this, do ensure that you do not have any header navigation, sidebars, or footer published on the site.


I hope you found these 7 unique ways to register users on your WordPress site useful. We’ll keep on adding more breakthrough ideas like these to our Blog.

Stay tuned!

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